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Everybody will have an opportunity to unload some of the weight in your pockets or purses by bringing your loose change (coins) every 3rd Sunday of each month. Some of you may have a small hoard of coins of single or various denominations that you might want to give to the Church. Others may want to contribute number of coins equal to the number of bananas you have at home, or the number of cups of coffee or tea you consumed in the previous week. You can make up your own item to count and give whatever coin you choose to base your pocket- or purse-lightening contribution. If you would like credit to your contributions to the *Weighty Container, be sure to place your "lightening" contribution in a plastic sandwich bag with your name on it. For more information, please contact Bill Ninde, Project Manager.



 Don't Forget to Update Addresses & Phone #s!

Our current directory is dated October 30, 2015.  Please call the office at (925) 432-7614 if you would like a copy.   Updates will occur every March and October, so if you move, change your phone number, have a baby, etc., please let us know by the first of March (or the first of October), in order to have your most current information added to the new directory.


























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